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Why Renting an Instrument is a Great Option for Beginners

by Mensa Marketing Administrator
Why Renting an Instrument is a Great Option for Beginners

Many beginners face the important question of how they’ll get an instrument to learn with: rent, or buy? 

Renting instruments can be a great option for beginners. It allows you to become familiar with and learn an instrument with the added flexibility that comes with renting. The benefits of renting include saving money, being able to easily switch instruments or sizes,  easy maintenance and repairs, and access to high quality instruments without the cost of purchasing them outright.

The Economical Option

One of the greatest benefits of renting an instrument to learn with is that you can save a ton of money. Outright purchasing an instrument can be extremely costly, and should you decide that the instrument isn’t right for you, or you lose interest in learning, the steep cost of buying can be difficult to justify. As you’re learning a new instrument, renting can be extremely affordable by comparison–and if the instrument doesn’t work out, you can simply stop renting it. 


Should you purchase an instrument outright, and should it need repairs that aren’t specifically covered on a protection plan, you may be out of pocket for repairs. Repairing instruments can be costly, so for beginners who are just getting started, the risk of needing repairs down the road can be daunting. Rentals with maintenance and repair options will help you keep the instrument in great shape and ready to play when it’s needed. 

Expanding Your Options

One of the awesome things about renting instruments as you learn is that you have more flexibility. If you need a new size, you can simply exchange sizes, rather than having to purchase a new instrument. Similarly, if you decide you want to try a new sound, or learn a different instrument–or even if you decide to stop playing altogether, you have the option to simply stop renting. 


If you’re interested in trying a range of instruments to see what makes you happiest playing, renting can allow you to enjoy each instrument long enough to get a feel for it without the need to purchase an instrument. 


By renting, you’ll also be able to use higher quality instruments for lower costs. If you purchase outright, your budget may restrict you to a lower quality instrument than you could rent. For beginners who want a great experience learning on a quality instrument, renting can make all the difference. 

Rent the instrument of your choice now

Renting instruments is a great option for beginners, and an ideal way to start learning with an instrument without the financial commitment of a purchase. For parents, renting is a great option for kids who may or may not be fully committed to an instrument, or who may grow and need new sizes frequently. By renting, you’ll be able to use high quality instruments to learn on and play, without the steep financial commitment of buying. 


If you’re a beginner interested in renting an instrument, be sure to check out our wide selection of instruments available to rent by term here! At Perform Music Rentals, we have a range of options to suit your unique budget and needs, as well as speedy maintenance to keep you playing. 



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