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About Us

As we all played in school bands, we know that your child benefits by:

Being part of a 'team' (eg. concert band).

Making new friendships.

Developing self-confidence through performance.

Improving academic, physical, and social skills.

Being encouraged to be a leader, and excel at a skill they can have for life.

A Proud Legacy

Perform Music Rentals is owned and operated by members of the Morris Family. John Morris started the Australian Academy of Music in 1967 in Spring Hill, and amongst many achievements, he was primarily responsible for getting instrumental music programs into Queensland schools. In the 1970s, John also started the Qld Festival of Music, which became the largest school band competition in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Morris Family, with your support, are proud to continue to offer friendly service, expert advice, and the lowest cost quality instruments in their new store. We are also great supporters of local schools, and your rentals and purchases provide financial support to their instrumental programs.

Useful pages:

About the rental program with cost comparisons.

Some frequently asked questions.

The cost of renting instruments.