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Perform Music Rentals, with your support, are proud to continue to offer friendly service, expert advice, and the lowest cost quality instruments in their new store. We are also great supporters of local schools, and your purchases from Morris Brothers provide financial support to their instrumental programs.

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Perform Music Rentals: Helping Your Family Communicate Through Music Since 2001

Music is important. It calms us, teaches us, and exposes us to themes and emotions that help us grow and understand more about ourselves and life in general. For children, music is more than just an interesting art form; it is a new language to learn; a way to communicate and express that is a crucial part of their development.

For all these reasons and more, the team at Perform Music Rentals are beyond passionate about ensuring families across South-East Brisbane have access to affordable, quality musical instruments for hire. Operated by music teachers and instrument repairers, we offer Queensland's lowest music equipment hire along with delivery to your door.

Perform Music Rentals is an easy and affordable way to hire music instruments while also enjoying peace of mind in knowing you have quality items that can be relied on.

Rent music instruments that have been serviced and cared for

Perform Music Rentals has been providing quality, affordable school band and orchestral instruments to schools and students since 2001. We are proudly based in Brisbane and passionate about ensuring the excellence of the instruments we offer.

Our experienced team has worked with instruments and rental services since the 1990s and features USA-trained specialist technicians. We have rented thousands of instruments to students and aspiring musicians and work hard to dispel the myth that rental instruments are battered and bruised. At Perform Music Rentals, our instruments for hire are in exceptional condition to help you give an exceptional performance!

Avoid the pitfalls of getting the wrong instrument

Our local supply and delivery mean reduced costs and timeframes. As the proud winner of the Q Business Achiever Awards for Best Specialty Retailer and many 5-star reviews, it is clear that our customer service is something that we focus on.

We ensure that the perfect instrument finds its way into your or your child's hands, ready to accompany you on a magical journey of artistic discovery. We are passionate about sound and instrument quality and take great pride in ensuring you have the best hire instruments in Brisbane at your disposal.

Save money with Queensland's lowest music equipment hire

We spread our costs over four payments per year (as opposed to monthly) and offer a simple, two-level instrument system that makes choosing the right instrument level easier. We passionately support our local schools and students with affordably priced, quality instruments to ensure all children can discover the joy of playing a musical instrument.

Rent by the school term, with a simple minimum rental period of a single term. This makes the process of discovering your child's musical talents and instrument preferences much easier and affordable.

Ensuring the right instruments for hire are found

We have made things easy by offering two categories of instruments to choose from:

  1. Perform Standard: The lowest cost option, with most instruments working out at less than $20 per month (plus pre-service cost on instruments). These are serviced instruments, ideal for the first three years of learning to ensure everything goes well before purchasing a long-term instrument.

  2. Perform Plus: This option is a little more expensive but provides a recognised brand, higher performance instrument that can be used for an additional number of years. If you are considering a purchase in the future, this can be the most cost-effective option.

Why is it cheaper to rent musical instruments through Perform Music Rentals?

Interstate companies have larger, more costly operations with costs that must be covered, raising the price. There can be additional shipping costs or referral fees involved. As we hire music instruments to you from Brisbane, it keeps overheads low, and we pass these savings onto you through lower rental costs.

Why bother with instruments for hire when you could just buy?

For children, it can be hard to find the right musical fit straight away. There is always a trial period of deciding if they are passionate and comfortable with an instrument. This can take anywhere from days to months or even years. They can also grow out of a learner instrument or cheaper brand, meaning you will need to sell it off and upgrade, losing hundreds of dollars in the process.

Second-hand instruments may seem like a cheaper option, but they are rarely kept in good working order or given their annual service when they are left in the back of the closet. No one will service an instrument before selling it, and you may end up spending more on repair costs than initially anticipated.

When you rent musical instruments that are of high quality due to continuous servicing and care, like the ones from Perform Music Rentals, you have the opportunity to find the right fit, while playing instruments in exceptional condition. We even offer the option to purchase and own the instrument you are renting should you fall in love with it.

Give your child the best chance to discover a passion for music with quality instrument rentals today

During the important, formative time in which a child first picks up an instrument, their experience will dictate their eagerness to move forward with the art form. By ensuring only the best instruments for hire are used, you remove any possible barriers, allowing your child to discover their passion for music naturally.

Trust the experience and passion of the team at Perform Music Rentals, and find the perfect musical fit for your family today.

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Only 4 payments per year

We make the process easy with only 4 payments per year!

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Practice all year long with free school holiday rentals (min. 1 term rental)

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