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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to rent by the term, or by the month?

For anything but the shortest period, rental by the school term will always save money. A clarinet on term rental of $49 works out at $17/month, and you don't pay for 'dead time' (like school holidays), as you do with monthly rental which can be up to $35/month for the same type of instrument.

What is more important in an instrument: build quality and performance, or brand name?

In many cases, specialist makers can offer better instruments than the 'everything' makers. For this reason, Perform Music Rentals instruments are individually selected to deliver excellent performance at a modest cost.

For the bigger brand names, you should select "Perform Plus" or "Perform Premium"

What if I am renting a standard student instrument, but want to end up buying a premium instrument?

Firstly, if you wish to rent a Premium brand instrument, you can choose the Perform Plus rental option. If you are renting a standard instrument, and wish to purchase an upgrade, we will deduct your establishment fee, first term of rental in full, plus 50% of additional rental payments from your premium instrument choice.

Am I obligated to make a purchase?

No. Many of our customers are happy to simply rent, at the low cost of $17 - $33 per month (most instruments). On other companies' rental plans you can quickly reach a point where the cost will force you to purchase, whether you are ready or not.

What if my rental instrument needs maintenance?

We want you up and running quickly, and will arrange priority servicing. If your instrument is not ready within 10 working days of receipt by us, we will replace it.

Why does it cost less to rent with Perform! Music Rentals than other rental plans?

You rent directly with an independent, Qld owned business. In many of our instruments, the rental is like this:

Importer -> Perform Music Rentals -> Customer.

Most other stores act as commissioned agents for large, higher overhead organisations, like this:

Overseas maker -> Importer -> Rental organisation -> Agent at the store -> Customer.

All these extra 'hands in the pie' mean that your rental has to fill many extra pockets. Your instrument has to be shipped from interstate and may even need to go interstate to be serviced. This adds time, hassle, and unnecessary overheads - guess who is paying for all of this extra cost? Avoid the middlemen - rent direct from Perform! Rentals and save time and money!

What is the reservice fee?

The reservice fee applies to any blown instrument, and is a once off non-refundable payment with the first term of rental. Due to health and safety requirements, after every blown rental instrument is returned it is sent to our technician for a full service and sterilise, and this is covered by the $99 reservice fee on most instruments.

If you decide to purchase an instrument through our rental program (whether it's the one you're renting, or another brand), the $99 you've paid is fully credited towards the price.

Do you only rent to school students, or do you also rent to adults?

Yes, we rent to all ages, and we encourage adults to learn to play and experience a musical instrument. The payments are just processed according to the school terms.

Does my rental automatically pay out?

No, in order to keep our rental flexible instruments do not automatically 'pay out.' Rental continues until either the instrument is returned, or you let us know you'd like to buy it. This allows you to accrue rental credit if you want to upgrade to a better quality instrument, or if you're renting an instrument like violin or cello where the sizes change, you still have the option to swap them over easily while building credit for purchasing the larger size down the track. Feel free to give us a call at any time if you're curious how much credit you've accrued, or how much it would be to pay your instrument out. 100% of your initial payment (plus the establishment fee), as well as 50% of every additional payment can be used as credit.

Why is it cheaper to rent through Perform Music Rentals than the interstate companies?

Firstly, you have larger, more costly operations involved, and these costs have to be covered. You also have additional shipping costs from places like Melbourne and Adelaide. If renting through a local store, these stores receive a 
commision or referral fee. Again, it all adds cost. We rent directly to you, from Brisbane, and not through other retail stores. All of this keeps overheads low, and the savings are passed on to you through lower rental costs.

In addition, you only pay 4 payments per year, first week of each School Term. Holidays precceding each term are free, so you can get your instrument 2 to 6 weeks in advance (depending on the length of holidays) with No additional cost.

Other rental companies charge by the month;

Monthly rental companies PERFORM MUSIC RENTAL (by the School Term)
Saxophone: Average $67-$79 per MONTH rental charge $99 per School Term (equates to $33 per MONTH) rental charge

In addition, monthly rental plans usually have a 6 month or 12 month minimum rental period. Perform Music Rentals is a 1 term minimum, so your costs are reduced if things don't work out.