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The Advantages of Instrument Rentals for Schools and Music Programs

by Mensa Marketing Administrator
The Advantages of Instrument Rentals for Schools and Music Programs

Starting a music program is an exciting time, but it can be challenging to decide whether you should rent or buy instruments for the program. 

Here are some advantages of renting an instrument so you can make an informed decision. 

1. Renting is better for beginners 

Many people don’t end up playing an instrument for long periods of time. Either they’re trying out a new instrument, completing requirements for school, or encouraged by family to enrol in a music program for a while. 

For beginners, it is often a better idea to use the services of an instrument rental company so they can see whether they enjoy playing an instrument enough to own it before making such a big investment. 

2. Renting offers more flexibility 

Renting an instrument means you don’t necessarily need to commit to a single one for a long time. If you find that a certain flute or violin doesn’t meet your standards or isn’t your instrument of choice anymore, you can easily switch to a new option or return your current one. 

On the other hand, if someone wants to rent but ends up wanting to purchase their instrument, a rent-to-own program is wonderful at enabling that exact situation. 

3. Renting is more affordable 

Buying a new instrument can easily cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Renting keeps the school and music program affordable. Renting by school terms is a fantastic way to save money.

If your instrument is in need of repair or maintenance, a rental company can get all of that sorted for you. 

4. Rented instruments are high quality 

The good news about rented music instruments is that you don’t have to compromise quality for affordability. 

New music students might not know how much monetary value an instrument is worth in correspondence to its price. Finding a good rental company saves beginners from the headache of researching what instrument is worth buying, and helps your school and music program do the same.

Get the best instrument today 

Perform Music Rentals offers a wide variety of instruments that are perfect for all sorts of schools and music programs. Our instruments are high quality and affordable, with most instruments costing only $13 - $20 per month.  

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