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Anyone can learn to play the violin, and for children, the instrument presents a great opportunity to learn new skills while improving their breathing, posture and an appreciation of many genres of music.

Violins and violas offer many performance opportunities, as there can be up to 42 violinists in a large orchestra! In addition, playing the violin or viola increases the chance of joining a performance group, be it a symphony orchestra or contemporary group (think Mumford & Sons!) At Perform Music, we offer a range of violins/violas for rent in South East Queensland to ensure the path to becoming a concert violinist is much smoother.

What’s the difference between a violin and a viola?

While they look similar, there are a few key differences between the violin and viola, two string instruments. Essentially, the violin is smaller by a few inches and plays music from the treble clef. Violists, on the other hand, have to learn the alto clef. The other primary differences concern the bows, string and pitch.

Perform Music Rentals hire violins/violas make it easy for students to decide which will be their preference, thanks to our single-term hire duration. Should your child decide to switch between the violin or viola (or to a completely different instrument), this is much easier!

We offer a low minimum rental period, and with our Perform Standard cost option, violins/violas can be hired for just $59/$69 respectively per school term. We have specifically designed our hire plans this way to ensure the process of discovering the right musical fit is affordable.

Schools and students can rent violins/violas that have been kept in pristine condition

The team at Perform Music Rentals are passionate about all instruments. In fact, we are all music teachers and multi-instrumentalists who place a significant focus on the quality of the instrument placed in your children’s hands.

As one of Brisbane's finest hire options, we deal directly with schools to make sure all of their instrument needs are met. We know that a poor quality instrument can be all it takes to turn a young child away from learning it, so we work hard to remove this potential roadblock, so our children can experience the instruments as they were intended.

Trust the violins/violas for hire at Perform Music Rentals today

Enjoy peace of mind with all hires from Perform Music Rentals as we ensure the quality of each violin or viola with regular servicing. Our people know these instruments back to front, and we will deliver them to your door, ready to be place for a low set price of $10.

Give your school and students the best chance at discovering their musical passion with help from the team at Perform Music Rentals today.