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The Finest Trumpets for Rent Can Be Found at Perform Music Rentals

The trumpet is an agile instrument that can execute impressive leaps and runs. It is also an instrument that will stimulate the brain by improving spatial-temporal skills, which can have long-lasting effects on memory, especially in children.

Playing the trumpet requires the development of skills across several musical components, such as tempo, note duration, rhythm, and pitch. While it is a relatively easy instrument to learn, it requires commitment and dedication to master. The trumpets for hire at Perform Music Rentals are cared for and thoroughly serviced, helping the player to discover the art and joy of trumpet playing.

Hire a timeless instrument to decide if it is the right fit

The trumpet has a long musical history and can present endless opportunities for performers, thanks to its diversity. A career as a trumpeter can be easier than other instruments, as they are required in almost all ensembles. Trumpets will carry the melody of most tunes and is a staple sound in jazz, swing, orchestral arrangements, and even rock and hip-hop.

Perform Music Rentals hire trumpets are a big part of our plan to passionately support our local schools and students with affordable, quality instruments, including some of the finest trumpets available in Brisbane. Our hire trumpets are given regular servicing to ensure they produce quality sound, matched with an ease of playability. This is done to make life easier for anyone who picks up a trumpet for the first time.

Trumpets for rent by the school term

We offer a low minimum rental period of a single school term just in case your child decides the trumpet may not be right for them. With our Perform Standard cost option, trumpets can be hired for just $49 per school term (the equivalent of $16.33/month).

This makes the process of discovering your child’s musical fit much more affordable. So let them try the trumpet today, and if they are passionate and comfortable with it, we provide the option to purchase the hire instrument for good!

With our help, schools and students rent trumpets that can be relied on today

The team at Perform Music Rentals comprises music teachers and multi-instrumentalists who care about the quality of the gear placed in our children’s hands. Just like it is impossible to learn from a book that cannot be read, the teaching process is hindered by an instrument that cannot be played. Avoid this issue by hiring from Brisbane's finest!

Trust the trumpets for hire at Perform Music Rentals; we ensure the quality of each piece with regular servicing by people who know the instruments back to front. Give your child or class the best chance at learning an instrument the right way with help from the team at Perform Music Rentals today.