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Rent Trombones That Are Continually Serviced and Maintained at Perform Music Rentals

Perform Music Rentals has been proudly providing quality, affordable trombones for schools and individual students since 2001. As a proud, Brisbane-based business, we are first and foremost passionate about placing high-quality instruments in the hands of budding young musicians.

A big part of this service is ensuring the process is simple and affordable. Our experienced team of specialist technicians has rented thousands of instruments and uses a keen eye to ensure that every instrument that leaves the Perform Music Rentals shop is in pristine condition.

We have had many people who rent our trombones for hire only to fall in love with them and request to purchase the instrument for good. This has happened so many times that we built a process for it and offer it as a service!

Are you worried about choosing the wrong instrument?

Young musicians are on a journey, and sometimes there is a level of trial and error required until they find the right fit. To take this into account, our hire trombones are priced on a school term basis, making it easy to switch instruments quickly should the need arise.

Our base-level trombones for rent start at $59 per school term, with an $89 option for a premium brand. We also offer a set $10 tracked postage fee for trombones to have them delivered to your door!

Rent trombones in South-East Queensland with ease

All areas are within our reach! Noosa to Brisbane, Coolangatta to Toowoomba, hire trombones can be shipped or picked up from our collection location in Stafford, Brisbane. We work directly with schools, supplying a full range of quality musical instruments, including trombones, that can be relied on.

Our team make rentals easy by avoiding the often standard rental plans that lock you in for a six-month or 12-month minimum period. Instead, our single-term minimum reduces your costs if things don't work out or someone changes their mind!

Why hire trombones when you could just buy?

The trial period in which a child decides if they are passionate and comfortable with an instrument is important. It can also take days, months or even years, so avoid losing hundreds of dollars with an unnecessary purchase by hiring a trombone until everyone is sure it will be sticking around.

Renting a high-quality trombone from Perform Music Rentals allows a child to find the right fit. Instruments that are in exceptional condition, like our range of trombones, are easier to play when compared with a battered second-hand model that has not been serviced. Give the younger generation the best chance to experience a new instrument the right way by hiring from our expert team. Plus, should they fall in love with it, you’ll have the option to purchase and make it a forever item!