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The team at Perform Music Rentals not only rent flutes to individual students and schools, but we also ensure that the quality of those instruments is superior. We are passionate about guaranteeing that the people and schools of South-East Brisbane have access to affordable flutes for hire to ensure there are no barriers to finding the perfect instrumental fit.

As we are run by music teachers and instrument repairers, Perform Music Rentals provides peace of mind that the hire flutes we provide have been serviced correctly. Our easy and affordable hire process means peace of mind for those learning a new instrument.

Do you want to learn the flute? We can help!

The flute is so much more than just an instrument in an orchestra. You will hear the flute in genres like jazz, folk, and world music, just to name a few. It can be the perfect way to unwind and make beautiful sounds purely for yourself.

Flutes are easy to maintain and transport; they do not require regularly changed reeds or maintaining any certain temperature or humidity. Did you know that the sound of a flute is the closest instrument to the human voice in how it is produced? Flautists and vocalists breathe the same way! Our experienced team has worked with hire flutes and various other instruments since the 1990s. Our specialist technicians ensure that any student interested in the flute has access to the finest hire option in South-East Queensland.

How much are flutes for rent in Queensland?

This answer varies, but there are certain advantages when you visit Perform Music Rentals. As we spread our costs over four payments per year via a simple, two-level instrument system, choosing the right instrument has never been easier.

We do this to support our local schools and students and rent by the school term, making it easier for your child to move to another instrument if the flute is not for them. With our two categories, flutes for hire fall are priced as follows:

  1. Perform Standard: Flute prices from ​​$49 per school term

  2. Perform Plus: A recognised brand, higher performance flute for $69 per school term

In addition, we offer $10 flute delivery to your door to make the hiring process even simpler.

Avoid worn second-hand flutes that are rarely kept in good working order

A marketplace flute that has never received an annual service or spent years gathering dust in the back of someone’s closet is not a good investment. Our high-quality due flutes for rent receive continuous servicing and care to ensure exceptional condition. The option to purchase and own your hire flute is also available!

Hire your instruments from a team with experience and passion for the art of music. Perform Music Rentals are here to help you find your perfect instrument today.