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Rent Double Basses That Can Be Relied on at Perform Music Rentals

Perform Music Rentals is the place to visit in the South East Brisbane region for quality, affordable double basses for schools and individual students. Our team of expert music teachers and repairers are passionate about ensuring the next generation of musicians has access to high-quality instruments.

We hire double basses via a simple and affordable process, with each of our instruments regularly serviced by our specialist technicians. This ensures that every instrument that leaves the Perform Music Rentals shop is best-positioned to help young players discover their new passion with ease.

Plus, if your child happens to fall in love with their new double bass, you can purchase the instrument for good at an excellent price. Read on to learn more about our double basses for hire.

Why consider the double bass?

The double bass is a beautiful instrument that forms the backbone of any orchestra. For children, it can also help with physical and mental development. As one of the more physically demanding instruments, the double bass requires proper posture, encouraging a healthy spinal column and correct vertebrae alignment.

We’ve seen many happy students pick up the double bass and be thrilled with how diverse it can sound and how enjoyable it is to play!

Affordable double basses for rent in South-East Queensland

We specialise in offering 3/4 size double basses, perfectly tailored to young learners, for just $99 per school term (the equivalent of just $33/month). We also work directly with schools to supply all of their musical instrument needs.

Our single-term rental plans avoid the common contacts that lock you in for a six-month or 12-month minimum period. This reduces the risk (and your costs) if your child decides the double bass is not quite the right fit.

Please note:Due to their size, we cannot offer any shipping for our double bass selection. Therefore, all double bass hires will need to be picked up from Morris Brothers Music in Stafford, Brisbane.

The benefits when you rent double basses

The double bass is a great instrument, but it is also fairly unique. Therefore, the opportunity for a low-cost trial period for such an instrument is recommended to ensure your child is both passionate and comfortable. This can take days, months or years, so an outright purchase of the expensive double bass may be unnecessary.

Lower these risks and ensure that your child uses a high-quality double bass by speaking with the team at Perform Music Rentals. All of our double basses for hire are in exceptional condition, making them easier to play when compared with an unserviced secondhand rental or purchase. Give your child or students the best chance of experiencing a well-cared-for instrument during their learning phase, and increase the chances of continued learning with our expert team today!