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Rent Clarinets That Are Serviced Regularly to Ensure an Elite Performance

The clarinet can open many doors for students both musically and professionally and is a great instrument for beginners (especially for kids) or anyone that has never played an instrument before. Clarinets are easy to learn and even easier to handle, so children and young players have a great access point to the world of music. The clarinet is a common instrument for school bands and a standard feature in many concert bands and wind ensembles. As a result, clarinet players are in high demand! If you can see yourself as a woodwind player, the versatility of the clarinet can be a lot of fun. The sound transitions easily from soft to more aggressive tones, providing a wide range of genres for the player to explore. This extremely portable instrument is ideal for young learners to play in any situation or scenario.

Clarinets for hire from the team at Perform Music Rentals

We are passionate about ensuring families and schools across South-East Brisbane have access to affordable, quality hire clarinets. As music teachers and instrument repairers, we are passionate about supplying high-quality music equipment with the convenience of delivery to your door.

Make the right choice with clarinets for rent

Perform Music Rentals supports new learners and students to discover which instrument is best suited to their interests and abilities. Our affordable school band and orchestral clarinets have been rented to students and aspiring musicians all over Australia.

Our clarinets for hire are in exceptional condition, so you can decide if this is the right musical option for you. If the answer is yes, you can buy the very same clarinet you have been hiring! As the proud winner of the Q Business Achiever Awards for Best Specialty Retailer, we ensure that the highest quality clarinets for rent are available in Brisbane for individual players and entire schools.

South-East Queensland schools rent clarinets from our expert team

Whether from Noosa to Brisbane or Coolangatta to Toowoomba, we ship clarinets directly to your door. This makes it easier for schools that are ordering more than one instrument. Perform Music Rentals also offers a collection location in Stafford, Brisbane, so no matter where you are, a quality clarinet will be available all year round.

Stock your school with a range of quality clarinets to complete your woodwind section. We can also help with various other musical instruments to ensure the full school orchestra is ready to go!

Find your instrument with the best hire clarinets in Brisbane

The experience and passion of the team at Perform Music Rentals is unmatched. We care about the quality of the instruments we hire and know that the right gear is required to help ensure the best player. Ask about our full range of hire clarinets for your child or school today!