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Perform Music’s Cellos for Rent Offer the Finest Quality in South East Brisbane

The cello is a very important instrument in orchestras, string and chamber ensembles and contemporary genres such as rock, pop, metal and more. Children who are interested in learning how to play the cello, a versatile instrument that provides a unique perspective on the art of music.

The team at Perform Music Rentals rent cellos to individual students and schools while ensuring the quality is the highest in South-East Brisbane. Our affordable cellos for hire are serviced by music teachers and instrument repairers. This is the Perform Music Rentals difference, as we provide peace of mind that our hire cellos make it easier and more enjoyable for anyone who is learning a new instrument.

Does your child want to learn the cello? We can help!

The cello is a beautiful and versatile instrument that can provide a rewarding learning experience for any child. We offer two pricing structures fo our cellos:

  • $89 per school term (equal to $29.33/month) or;
  • $109 in a hard case with wheels for easier transport

Please note: Due to their size, we are unable to ship cellos as we do with our other hire instruments. Cellos will need to be picked up from our collection location at Morris Brothers Music in Stafford, Brisbane.

Give your child the best chance of continuing their learning journey with our ​​cellos for hire

Perform Music Rentals not only makes cello hire easy for parents and schools thanks to our four payments per year fee structure that charges per single school term, but we also make things easier for students. How? All of our cellos are regularly serviced and assessed to ensure they will offer the highest levels of playability possible for the instrument.

This results in a more enjoyable learning process and raises the chances that your child will want to pursue the cello further. However, should they decide the cello is not for them, the fact that we rent by the school term makes it easier and more affordable to move to another instrument.

Avoid issues with second-hand cellos and speak to Perform Music today

A second-hand cello that likely has never seen annual servicing or regular care is not a good investment. Before you lay down a lot of money on a brand new cello, try our high-quality cellos for rent which do receive continuous servicing to ensure exceptional condition. We also offer the option to purchase and own your hire cello should the student decide they love it!

Make the right choice and use the affordable hire process for a range of instruments from Perform Music Rentals. We have a team that brings years of experience and passion for the art of music to every piece of equipment we hire. So let us help you find your perfect instrument today.