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Portable Digital Pianos

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  • How the Rental Application works?

    Perform Music Rentals are the lowest cost rental plan in Queensland, with a range of benefits, compared to other programs. These include:

    1. Simple choice selection of either basic student or upgraded instrument level, with always best available supplied.
    2. Only 4 payments per calendar year, so you will usually pay half or less than half the equivalent monthly rental of other suppliers.
    3. Minimum 1 term rental only (no 6 month minimum commitment). Return at any time, to end your commitment.

    We will confirm your application by email once received and advise the expected shipping date.

    Your initial rental period will be from the time your instrument is sent to you. This will then run to the First week of the following School Term.

    A rental is only terminated once the instrument has been returned to us or our drop-off locations. If you choose to return before the end of the minimum period, the minimum period cost still applies.

    If you decide to purchase at the end of the initial rental period, what you have paid can be deducted in full from the special student price on the Rental Agreement.

    If you decide to purchase at a later date, you can deduct all of the initial period, plus 50% of any additional rental terms you have paid for. This becomes a 'rental credit amount'. Prior to purchase, the instrument always remains the property of Perform Music Rentals.

    If you return items in a condition that require repair (outside of normal wear and tear and regular servicing), repair costs may apply. If the instrument is stolen or damaged beyond repair, it is covered by a standard insurance, with an excess of $200.00. A police report is required for stolen items.

    You need to contact us if a payment will not go through on the due date (first Friday of each School Term, or the next day or two following). Otherwise, a $5 reprocessing fee/ bank fee will be added to your rental.

    Please ensure that you understand these terms, and accept them. if you have any questions about the above, please email us, and we will be happy to assist you.

    Servicing of Instruments

    Blown instruments (flutes, clarinets, saxophones, trumpets and trombones) do require regular maintenance, recommended yearly by instrument technicians.

    If your instrument has been rented for longer than 12 months, this is a normal maintenance issue, and not covered in your rental cost. We recommend it be serviced through Australian Academy of Music, 302 South Pine Rd., Brendale 4500. Ph 33899400. Standard servicing for rental customers is provided at a 20% discount to the normal rate.

    Stringed Instruments do not have regular servicing requirements, but string breakage and bow breakage can happen, and are not covered by the rental fee. Most bow breakage occurs as a result of the bow being left wound tight after playing. Please ensure to wind the bow hair loose every time before putting it away, and bow breakage is then unlikely to occur.

    Regardless of the above, normal warranty issues (eg manufacturing faults) will be attended to, and the instrument either serviced/repaired, or replaced if there is likely to be a delay.

    What is the Reservice fee?

    The reservice fee, which applies to all blown instruments, is to cover the service, cleaning and flushing of instruments, for both performance and required for health and safety reasons when an instrument is returned. (If you purchase the instrument, we don't need to do this, so the amount is fully deductable from your purchase price)

    How do I Return the Rental Instrument?

    You can end your instrument rental by two methods:

    1. Either simply return it to our drop-off location, being Forte School of Music, Unit3, 17 Billabong ST, Stafford 4053 | Ph 33575556
    2. or send by Registered Post to Perform Music Rentals, P.O. Box 31 Scarborough 4020

    Once we receive it, the rental will be closed, and any bond paid refunded per T's and C's.

    Does the Rental Instrument Automatically 'Pay out'?

    This is a pure rental system so it requires the customer to advise us if they wish to take advantage of the purchase option otherwise it is an ongoing rental.

    You can convert to a purchase at any time! The first term's rental + the Reservice fee will always be deductible from the instrument's cost, plus 50% of any additional payments, and will even go towards an upgrade instrument.

    Perform Standard - $149/term

    Include adjustable stand and sustain pedal.

    • Casio CDP-S110

      Digital pianos are a great way to replicate the sound and feel of a grand or upright piano without the need for as much space. Piano playing can create many opportunities for students, musically and professionally and is often known as the primary instrument to learn before branching out to others.

      The digital piano is a common instrument in just about every genre, and as a result, piano players are in demand! Our digital pianos for hire are regularly serviced by the expert team at Perform Music Rentals, who are passionate about ensuring students in South East Brisbane have access to affordable, quality instruments.

      A hire shop run by music teachers and instrument repairers

      We live and breathe music and understand the importance of using high-quality music equipment. Our 88-key digital pianos feature weighted keys, and with the convenience of delivery to your door for just $15, you can ensure your child plays the best with ease.

      Digital piano hire prices are $149 per term. Our rental contracts are set to a minimum of one school term, making it easy for your child to change instruments if they decide the piano is not for them.

      The benefits of digital pianos for rent

      Perform Music Rentals supports all students in their instrument discovery journey with affordable digital pianos that are in exceptional condition. For parents, our short minimum rental period lowers the cost of deciding if the right musical option has been found.

      If it has, you can buy the very same digital piano you have been hiring! These are just some of the reasons why our service won us the Q Business Achiever Awards for Best Specialty Retailer in Brisbane.

      South-East Queensland schools can access all instruments from our expert team

      We service regions from Noosa to Brisbane, Coolangatta to Toowoomba and more by shipping digital pianos directly to schools and students. For schools that are ordering more than one instrument, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that every Perform Music Rentals instrument has been regularly serviced to avoid major issues.

      Stock your school with our quality digital pianos and various other musical instruments to ensure the school band is ready to rock!

      Find the best hire digital pianos in Brisbane at Perform Music today

      The experience of the team at Perform Music Rentals is only beaten by our passion for quality. We care about the next generation of musicians and work hard to ensure they have affordable access to exceptional quality instruments, no matter which they choose.

      The right gear is paramount to creating the best player, so ask about our full range of digital pianos for hire today!

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