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How To Apply

  1. Print out the rental form.
    • Open both Page 1 and Page 2
    • Click the 'Print' button on your browser.
    1. Right-click picture
    2. Click 'Print Picture'
    3. When printer options open, click 'Print'
  2. Fill out the form.
    • All of the top section must be filled out. This includes a reference who doesn't live with you (can be family members/friends etc). These are not employer references, but just additional points of contact in case you move or your number changes during your rental period.
    • List the instrument you wish to rent in the middle section. (Please specify which type of saxophone/which size violin or cello, and if you wish to upgrade to Perform! Plus)
    • The other instrument details will be filled out by Morris Brothers staff.
    • Fill out either Credit Card or Direct Debit information. All payments are automatic each term, and will continue until the instrument is purchased, or returned.
    • Name, date and sign the bottom of the second page, and initial under Clause 9.
  3. Send the form to us!
    • info@morrisbrothersmusicstore.com Scan and email: - please do not send photographs of the forms.
    • Post: Morris Brothers Musical Store
      2/17 Billabong St
      Stafford 4053
    • Drop in to see us!